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New Look 

EJ-22 Fuel Injection or Race Model EJ-22 Holley Carburetor or SDS System designed for aircraft?

There might come a time when an RAF EJ-22 owner considers an upgrade from the 2-barrel carburetor to fuel injection. After all, that Subaru engine was born with a fuel ejection system before the RAF 2000 kit came with that carburetor on top.

There are options to consider.

Fuel Injected Intake

This SDS system isn’t like an automotive system. It uses an ignition and fuel injector duty cycle MAP that is programmed in using an SDS programmer by the fitting engineer. The programmer is supplied with the system and is also used as a diagnostic scan tool should a fault occur. More about this fuel injector mod in your RAF Flyer magazine.

Race Carb


The Holley Ultra HP 4bbl has been favored by race car owners but now they make a race model 500 CFM 2bbl. It’s all aluminum so it provides nearly 50% weight savings. It has no choke tower and an all new air entry area for smoother air flow. There are loads of options that might interest the gyro builder looking for a new carb or concerned about potential “sloshing”. More about this carb in your RAF Flyer magazine.

The Stabilator - Installation & Test

We will be refited the Stabilatorspring and hand crank trim systems on an existing pair of stab-less RAF 2000 gyroplanes. Yep. We explored this dynamic rotor trim device. One ship is upgrading to the Stabilator and keeping the hand crank system for its roll trim. The other RAF 2000 is getting the full conversion to electric actuating both the pitch (via the Stabilator) and roll trim. Look for this story as it unfolded in the RAF Flyer magazine.

The Stabilator is also flown in South Africa.  Find out more.

Anniversary Argentine Independence

In the Spirit of the 200th Anniversary of Argentine Independence

An RAF 2000 is Modified

RAF & Pitcairn Gyros on Display at
Experimental Aircraft Winter Speaker Series Program

Pitcairn Gyrosby Chuck Lukas

Everything went perfectly for the Pitcairn and RAF2000 presentation at the EAA Museum. I flew N41CL into Pioneer Airport Tuesday morning. A video was taken by EAA's Zach Baughman of the flyby and landing and was shown as part of the program.

Everyone that I worked with at EAA, from getting clearance to land at Pioneer, to using the restoration shop for cleaning and polishing, to moving the gyro onto display, to including the RAF 2000 as an important part of the presentation, and flying out Friday morning, was world class.


They were very pleased to have the RAF on display. About 40 people attended the presentation including RAF Pilots Jim West and Dave Reich along with a host of aviation greats from the Oshkosh area.

Included here is a picture from the evening which contains the Pitcairn, RAF 2000, Bugatti Racer and hanging in the background Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis. How's that for a span of aviation history?  If you click on the photo you will view a very large picture allowing you to drill into the background seeing all the aircraft.  (Also see "What's New")



Sweet British Beautymartin gyro inside outside

Sharing Experiences

by Martyn Love

I did the Biggin Hill fly in. It was a terrific weekend, and the gyro was much praised and admired by all and sundry, particularly the Italian Air Force display team, who all had their pictures taken sitting in the cockpit. continued

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