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What is this tool good for?  It works in fixing plastic!

Plastic Welder

When several members were asked about repairing plastic parts, each answered that if a plastic part breaks, they buy a new one. When further asked why you wouldn’t weld a broken part, they each answered, "I didn't know that I could."If there is a holiday coming up in the the near future or a birthday, you might want to add this to your list. It is fun and practical.

Plastic welding is actually fun. Not pictured but easily done are the two plastic milk bottles welded together. That was done by one experimenter, and there is no telling what his wife thought (or said) about the experiment when she thought that she was only going to pull one bottle off the refrigerator shelf, but the second one came along as well. Surprise! You have to wonder if he ended up sleeping in the gyro hanger after that "learning exercise".

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Tony's Ship is Flying!

She's done and flying. Here are two pictures.

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Tony's Ship Flyes!


RAF 2000 Thrust and Climb Testing

Ronnie is thrust testing

In the UK over the past years I have been involved with creating a section T compliant tail for the RAF 2000.
During this time a couple of things which were unexpected (by me at least) have emerged.

One of the things was, that when one of my tails was fitted to an RAF 2000 with carbureted 2.2 Subaru, this particular one was fitted with a Prince P Tip prop, at the same the tail was fitted the climb rate dropped from its excellent 600 FPM.This was solved by fitting a Warp Drive Propeller. Recently I acquired a P Tip prop from a mate. At this point I decided to set up a test. The test was set up like this:

  1. I borrowed a very accurate digital crane scale.I then thrust tested my own gyro to see what thrust I had.

  2. A friend and fellow pilot/aircraft builder John Bishop photographed things as we went along.



She's About Ready to Fly!

Tpny's ship is almost ready!

Finally, after a bad month or so I got some work done. It's about ready to fly, just need to test the ignition systems and get the stabs painted. Probably have little things to clean up so I'll start a list. Then the hang test inspection and test flying. Here she is.

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