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 . . . .Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, find, build and fly.



Annual International 2005 Get-Together - Gallery

Special Note: The 2006 International Get-Together was be held on the same location on 07/31/2006 the day after the EAA Airventure

RAF Pilots International Get-Together Video

Seven RAF 2000s in a line-up

Several of these pilot/builders have won EAA trophies. Three are holding their awards out in front.

These guys are experiencing their day in the sun

Not only was the sky clear, the temperature was 90 degrees F (32 C). Lots of gasoline was burned and everyone was having fun.

Russ Kempka (left) and Dave Reich did a fine job on their award-winning ships

Russ: Silver Lindy, Reserve Grand Champion

Dave: Ken Brock Outstanding Workmanship , Bronze Lindy Champion

Golden Butterfly

We spent some time talking with these guys from Texas, USA. They participated in a fly by at the EAA along with our own Duane Hunn (he flew Chuck Lukas' beautiful ship)

Jim West arrived at the airport

What a great trip over to the airport, his flight took him along the shores of several lakes past some forested areas and across fields of hay, wheat and corn.

You know he wants to get out and talk with everyone.

Who are these RAF pilots? (from left)

Dofin Fritts, Florida

Jim Logan, New York

Russ Kempka, Wisconsin

Duane Hunn, Michigan

Paul Biggerstaff, Illinois

Jim West, Wisconsin

Chuck Lukas, Wisconsin

Space Ship One and her mother ship

The EAA is where anyone or any machine eventually will end up. Space ship one will fly from here to Washington DC to be placed in the Smithsonian.

Space Ship One and Mother Ship

They are off and on their way to the Smithsonian Institute. They are off and on their way to the Smithsonian Institute. Space Ship One will be enshrined along with the many other famous first timers of aviation.

2 US and 4 New Zealand Aviation Buffs

Paul Biggerstaff and his ship (left) from Illinois, USA and Jim West (right) from Wisconsin, USA are pictured here with the folks that traveled the furthest, the center four. Those ( second from left) Lloyd Heslop, Kevin Allport, Alex and Fraser MacManusare from from Nelson, New Zealand .

Clarence Kuhnke enjoyed the event

Clarence it Jim West's 89 year old uncle, who drove in for the fun.

Lloyd Heslop looks over the modifications on Paul Biggerstaff's ship

Lloyd is no stranger to modifications. He has a beautiful RAF 2000 back in New Zealand that has many modifications including his unique centerline.

Lunch is Served

This grill was solidly covered with food. Wait, let me take a picture. Too late, a bunch has already been put on plates and buns. How fast can these folks eat?

Chuck Lukas, winner of several EAA awards arrives

Just pulling off the taxiway, chuck is getting ready to park and say hello.

Lloyd Heslop decides to ditch his bag and take some notes

Paul's ship has new cushy landing gear, a Prince two blade prop with winglets, a Subaru 2.5 liter single overhead cam fuel injected engine, the new rotor blades, horizontal stab, servo trim on the rudder and an aluminum radiator. (I probably forgot some.)

Control Tower Base

Paul, and two builders are enjoying the tower's shade. Help me out with the builders' names Let the webmaster know.

More people cooling in the shade and watching the landings and fly-bys

Mike from Montreal (black shirt) and Jim from New York (yellow shirt) and Wendy (pink hat) along with two others headed for the shade. (help me with names and I will get this up-to-date)

The best way to see Airventure and attned the Get Together

The best way to get the most out of events like this is to be able to discuss it on the spot and take pictures and videos.

Hanging out after lunch and talking gyros

Doyle (at left) along with Dave Reich, Al DeKruif, and Duane Anderson are just finishing lunch. Doyle is a long-time pilot, builder and gyro experimenter. Dave is a pilot/builder and EAA trophy winner; Al and Duane are building an RAF 2000 in Minnesota.


The one thing that helps when pilots and builders get together is the level of detail that can be picked up from looking at everyone's inventive / creative ways they have solved a problem. Once that happens, everyone's problems are reduces and the fun level goes way up.

Little Wing with (left to right) Kris Irvin and Ron Herron of Little Wing Autogyros. They were having a great time at the EAA.

Kevin Allport, a fixed wing Senior Instructor, from Nelson, New Zealand and Jim West

It looks like they are having some fun watching the crowds at the EAA in front of Space Ship one and the White Knight.

Lloyd Heslop, from Nelson, New Zealand, and Jim West in front of Space Ship one and the White Knight

Hey Jim, what is the sweat shirt for? It's hot out there at the EAA Airventure.

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