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the words every pilot should commit to memory
 . . . .Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, find, build and fly.



Survey Activities

From time to time, RAF and Gyro Nation members come up with questions they would like the answers to.  Sometimes they ask questions in fun and other times they really want  information.  We've done Six surveys.  One was for fun, the Toast for Gyros survey, and two were for gathering information to help us organize our plans a little better as well as to understand what you are doing.   Two e-mail surveys were  taken by hundreds of gyro enthusiasts. 

We Asked 3 Questions of You in July-August, 2011

These are 3 general questions asked of all the readers of Gyro Nation and RAF Pilots subscribers. 

bulletWhat gyro type do you fly?
bulletWho built your gyro?
bulletDo you fly your gyro at night?

Almost all of the respondents, it appears flew RAF 2000, so that was not graphed, but the other two answers are. . . . More? Go to

We Asked Questions of You in May, 2011

It was a long time since we've done a survey. Last month we asked a few simple questions for you, the RAF Pilot member.

First we asked about the engine types in the fleet. Nobody will be surprised that the 1.8 liter Subaru is either totally retired or almost gone. But the surprise is that   . . . .  More?  Go to

Toast For Gyros On-Line

The Toast for Gyros survey run through this website, from the end of December, 2004 through the beginning of January, 2005, was an example of an online survey that showed immediate updates as the survey was being taken and was done in fun.

Gyro Events, 2005

The first e-mail survey sent out and active through the last week of January, 2005 was used to collect hard data (better known as information).  Many of you would know that survey by its subject line, "Gyro Events Survey - A few questions from RAF Pilots". 

April, 2005  Survey

This survey was open from April 30 through May 10, 2005 and was divided into questions for all gyro pilots as well as RAF pilots.

July, 2006 Survey

In this survey, there were question groupings specifically targeted at RAF Pilot members, one question specifically for non-members, a series of questions for RAF owners, and a few questions which were asked of everyone who took this survey regardless of what they flew or their membership status.

The Surveys Results

If you fly a gyro and especially if you fly an RAF gyroplane, keep up with the surveys, because they will be informative.  The boxes below will take you to the surveys results.

Toast to Gyros Survey Gyro Events Survey April Survey July2006 Survey May 2011 Survey August 2011 Survey

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