August 2011 Gyroplane Survey

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the words every pilot should commit to memory
 . . . .Dare to dream, hope, believe, seek, find, build and fly.



Results of the August, 2011 Survey

The RAF pilots, Gyronation and others we have in our email address list were asked the questions listed below.  The non-members are others with an interest in gyroplanes, many of whom are members of a variety of other gyro organizations.

Survey Questions:

There were three questions.  Two are represented here.  A question on the type of gyro was eliminated due to the large majority of RAF responses.

Did you build your gyro or did someone else build it?  71$ built their own gyro while 29% were built by someone other than the current owner.

Do you fly at night?  It turns out that those that fly at night fly often, rather than seldom.  Do not fly at night without first gaining some dual instruction from someone does fly frequently at night.


The RAF Pilotsí Association and Gyronation were the hosts of an around-the-world email-based August, 2011 Survey.  This survey ran from August 15  through August31, 2011.  The survey was sent to RAF Pilot and Gyronation members and others on our mailing list known to have an interest in gyroplanes. 

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