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Gyro Flight Instruction - South Africa

Rotary Air Force South Africa 

" A 2 place gyro plane"

Upington Microlight & RAF 2000 Training Center

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SA Fax: +27 54 331 3534
Int Fax: +27 54 332 3628
Switchboard: +27 54 331 3534
Mobile: +27 83 282 8792
Eben Mocke Sr., CFI Flight Training, Research & Development
Eben Mocke Jr., Technical & Electrical
Yolande Combrinck , Marketing Manager
  Instant messenger:
  Skype:  yolande.combrinck

Gavin Mocké, Fiberglass & Composites
Michael-John Mocke, Machine Shop, Maintenance & Repair
Estelle Pretorius, Client Part orders & sales
Leonelle van Wyk,  - Accounts Creditors
Ansa Mocke, Accounts Debtors & Training School 

Put us into your vacation or holiday plans and train in the beautiful green Kalahari...

Visit our website. Physical Address:
Rotary Air Force South Africa
233B Diedericks Road, GA Hanger 4
Upington International Airport
Upington, 8801
Republic of South Africa
Postal Address:
PO Box 2071
South Africa

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Training is important no matter what you call your flying machine. 

AdsYou might call it any of these names: Autogiro, Autogire, Autogir, Autogyre, Autogyro, Autożyro, αυτόγυρο, Autožīrs, автожир, Auto-Gyro, Auto-Giro, Ciroplan, Gyro, Drehflügler, Drehflügelflugzeug, Gyrocopter, Gyrokopter, Girocopter, Girokopter, Gyrocoptère, Girocoptère, Girocóptero, Gyroplane, Gyroplan, Giroplan, Gyroplán, Giroplane, Gyroplány, Gyroplano, Giroplano, Mølleplan, Otojiro, OTOJİR, Tragschrauber, Vírník, Vírníky, Windmillplane, Windmolenvliegtuig, Windmühlenflugzeug, Wiatrakowce, Wiatrakowiec, Xuanyiji or Żyroplan. But certainly, you will call it a fun  and hard-working machine, provided you have the proper training.








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Wake Turb

Wake Turbulence - It Is Dangerous, Invisible & Avoidable

The strength of the vortex is governed by the weight, speed, and shape of the wing of the generating aircraft. The vortex characteristics of any given aircraft can also be changed by extension of flaps or other wing configuring devices. However, as the basic factor is weight, the vortex strength increases proportionately with increase in aircraft operating weight.

Peak vortex tangential speeds up to almost 300 feet per second have been recorded. The greatest vortex strength occurs when the generating aircraft is heavy-clean  and slow.

I you operate your gyro in an area frequented by heavier aircraft , airplanes or helicopters, you should read this article.


RAF2000 Gyroplane - Upington South Africa

Mocke ans WilsonBy Guy Wilson

I can’t think of any company in the world that has sold more gyroplanes than RAF2000 based in Canada so it was a sad day when they closed their doors a while back, after 30 years of producing an aircraft that in my opinion is in a class of its own.

RAF2000 owners around the world were concerned about the future of their aircraft and of course where would they get parts and the backup they have enjoyed for years?  So it was good news when Eben Mocke Snr. decided to buy the company, which is now based in Upington South Africa.   (Continued)

(Above, left to right)
Eben Mocke Jr & Guy Wilson


What is at trip to this training ground like?


Binky (in the center) took a trip to visit them and get some lessons.


Check out his report.




(Above, left to right)
Eben Mocke Sr., Binky & Eben Mocke Jr.


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Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct

The following paragraph and downloadable "Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct" are here for members to review. 

Special considerations for RAF Pilots Members are in the August 2006 publication.

Gyroplane Pilots, download your copy of the  "Gyroplane Aviators' Code of Conduct" that has been adapted from the "Light Sport Aviator's Model Code of Conduct" (LSAMCC) developed by Michael Baum of CA. The LSAMCC was released at Oshkosh but did not receive much press. But various organizations such as COPA and other countries have adapted the code as part of their pilot education programs. I ask that Jim West post it on the RAF Pilots Association web site and encourage the readers to review and adapt it as part of their preflight activities it would go along way in promoting aviation safety in the gyroplane community.